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  • Event Design Trends for 2017

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    Event attendees are a demanding lot today; they want never-before experiences, whether it’s the ambience or the engagement. Event management companies in Bangalore like us work hard to ensure we stay on top of the latest trends, leaving no room for disappointment.

    So when you start planning your next event, you would do well to keep these trends in mind, and try to implement them as much as possible.

    • Look for unique venues: conference halls, hotel auditoriums and the like have been used ad nauseum; why not try something quirky and innovative – art galleries, boutique hotels with a more intimate atmosphere, museums, and so on? It will certainly eliminate the boredom that comes with the routine.
    • Get creative with design style: from the furniture to the food you serve, design style encompasses everything. If it’s an informal or semi-formal event, you can create a relaxing ‘lounge’ atmosphere – lounge chairs and couches for seating, a dive bar, décor that says ‘have fun’, funny names for food stations and the like.
    • Up your tech: let’s face it, most of the paper handouts at conferences are thrown out anyway. Do your bit for the environment – email documents to attendees, and hand out branded USB sticks with important info. U can have attendees choosing their food options through tablets – it will also make it more interesting. Make use of beacons – low powered transmitters that can detect devices nearby – to notify attendees if a speech is about to start, and to let them know about others near them to enable networking.
    • Innovate with light and sound: Install festive lighting, and use AV tech to create stunning visual effects. Try holograms of performing artists if they’re located far away; you will save money and add a Wow! factor to your event.
    • Video Power: Video is gaining more popularity by the day; according to event management firms in Bangalore, the majority of consumers are convinced about a product after seeing a video about it. Use video content in your event to convey info quickly and effectively. Live video streaming of the event allows those who were unable to attend physically to still be part of it.
    • Grazing Stations: This trend is fast gaining popularity. Rather than formal buffets, conference attendees now prefer finger foods that can be easily picked up and eaten – like cut fruit, bread sticks, samosas etc. You can have separate grazing stations for vegetarians and meat eaters – everyone is happy.
    • Event apps: Most of us are glued to our Smartphones, and we all use apps a lot – event attendees are no different. There is a high demand for event apps now; these allow the attendees to register easily, get updates, and know what will happen on which day and where, among other things.

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