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  • Top 4 event design mistakes to avoid at your next event
  • Top 4 Event Design Mistakes To Avoid At Your Next Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 08/10/2018

    The moment your attendee sets foot on your event venue is the moment your brand makes it first impression and like we’ve all heard before, first impressions are the best impressions.
    Don’t you want to make that first impression an everlasting one(In a good way thought!)?

    There are so many key elements to creating an event and there is so much at stake. Yes, we all know that there are a whole lot of things that can go wrong with your event but what if it is the event design that let you down? That could take a toll on your brand image!

    Don’t worry, that won’t happen. The best event management companies in Bangalore talk about the top 5 design mistakes and how you can avoid them.

    1. The lights!
      The lighting at your venue is key to creating an ambience and the desired effect on your attendees. Your entire design can fall flat, if your lighting isn’t up to the mark. Bad lighting can ruin the feel of your event and leave your attendees bored and uninterested.
      Solution: Talk to your light and sound team and determine what areas you want to highlight and what lights should be used. How would you like to light up the stage, the podium, the attendees and even the performers.
    2. Decor trends
      Your event decor represents your brand. If you do not invest in venue decor, your brand is going to leave a very poor impression on your guests. Your event represents your company and its image. Do not let the decor ruin it for you.
      Solution: Talk to event designers to help you with the latest decor trends. Or even better, hire an experienced corporate event management team to help you, they’ll have you covered!
    3. Space management
      You market your event really well and the tickets are selling out like hot cakes but what you forgot was that the venue only had the capacity for a thousand people and now a thousand more are going to turn up. This could shake up the entire planning.
      Solution: Set an entry limit even though you may be selling different types of tickets. There are a wide variety of ticketing websites that let you do so. Moreover, you could also have a waiting list, in case somebody cancels 😉
    4. Event day setup
      The big day has arrived and you have everything in place except, you forgot to plan out the setup for your event elements. How long does your catering team take to get to the venue and setup the counter or how long does your live band need to setup their equipments before they start playing?
      Keeping your guests waiting for a few minutes might be acceptable but anything beyond that and your brand image is on the line!
      Solution: Talk to all your vendors about how much time all their transportation and setup will need. Furthermore, talk to your design team to find out how the layout will fit all vendors and their stations. A clear plan can save you a lot of trouble.