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  • Earn media attention for your event with these tips
  • Earn Media Attention For Your Event With These Tips

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 26/06/2017

    If you ask any event management company in Bangalore, they will vouch for the fact that media attention for your events can really help your brand grow. News snippets, interviews, articles in magazines – they all help create a buzz around your event – and won’t hurt event attendance either. In fact they could even create FOMO, or fear of missing out, among other, so that they will clamor to be part of your events in the future.

    But how do you get the media to talk about your event?

    • Make sure to include uncommon entertainment, activities, renowned speakers or guests. Newspapers, FM stations and even local TV channels will be pretty interested in talking about your event. You could also try aligning your event with an important trend or topic. For example, if your event is on the eve of women’s day, you could maybe give a rose to all women attendees, or invite a female celebrity as chief guest or something similar.
    • Long before the event date, reach out to journalists, bloggers and reporters and create a rapport with them. When you have an event coming up, they will be happy to write/talk about it, according to event management firms in Bangalore.
    • To get wider coverage, issue press releases; this is kind of telling them, “hey guys, I’m going to host this awesome event, why don’t you come and take a look?” Stress the importance of your event, who the main speakers will be, what all will happen, and so on – cover the main details, and hint at more surprising stuff to follow. Interest them, arouse their curiosity, and they will come. Take some help in distributing your press release – and follow up with reporters/bloggers to confirm if they received it; you can also use this opportunity to answer whatever queries they may have.
    • Create a team to manage the media and the writers/journalists; it will be their job to gently nudge them in the direction you want them to. This includes making sure that they meet the right spokespersons, giving them all the relevant details regarding the event, and being able to answer queries. This will make the journalists’ job easier, and they will be able to give their readers or viewers a clearer, detailed picture regarding your event.
    • Regardless of how many media personnel you’re wooing to up the hype about your event, you should do some writing yourself; yup, we’re talking about social media. Post short videos on YouTube, write blogs, tweet about it, post pics on Facebook – everything you can do, you must do, to ensure maximum coverage for your event.

    At White Massif, we understand that you may be too busy to do all this yourself. As one of the best event management companies in Bangalore, with years of experience, we have mastered the art of getting media attention for events we organize. Need help creating a buzz about your upcoming event? Just give us a call on +91-990-0141-177 now!