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  • Dwindling attendance at events? stop making these mistakes!
  • Dwindling Attendance at Events? Stop making these mistakes!

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 13/02/2017

    Ok, you’ve really planned your event well – but attendance is low. What could possibly be wrong? Well, several things! Planning is one matter, and marketing it to get attendees is another. Many planners make these mistakes:

    • Doing everything yourself – any event management company in Bangalore will tell you that you cannot pull off a successful event without a good team. Find the right person for each specific job, and delegate. Make sure you check out each person thoroughly before assigning tasks – in the wrong hands, the simplest of jobs can end in disaster.
    • Thinking the Event Name will do the talking – even organizers of sellout events like Comic Con run email marketing campaigns and make personalized landing pages! Do what’s required, don’t sit back and wait for it to happen. Event management firms in Bangalore always ensure that no efforts are spared to market each event.
    • Clashing dates with a big event – sometimes, it may be inevitable that your event is on the same day as another; one that is BIG, and popular. Mostly however, this situation can be avoided. Check the calendar – the big events are announced well in advance; make sure you choose a date when there isn’t a big bash going on, and you should have a decent turnout. This is especially important if your event is stretching over a couple of days and you need to book accommodation for your guests.
    • Not knowing your attendees – there are two aspects to it. Not everyone may be looking for a discounted ticket; they may be more eager to book a specific session. So early bird discounts may not be that effective. Find out what your audience will respond to. The second is marketing; you need to run personalized marketing campaigns. Identify your ideal attendee and create effective messages that will speak to their hearts!
    • Lack of preparation – don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t need much preparation for events. Be prepared for failures, no-shows, technical snags – there are a dozen things that could go wrong at an event. Have backup plans so that you’re not caught napping.
    • Scheduling each moment – nobody wants to be on a regimental timetable when attending events! Even machines need breaks, human beings even more so. Experienced corporate event planners in Bangalore leave ample time for people to connect naturally and on their own, and so should you.
    • Expecting your Keynote Speaker to sell the event – if you know them personally then maybe they’ll do it, but if you’re getting an out of industry expert, or a busy celebrity, it’s not going to happen. So don’t choose your keynote speaker solely on the hopes of this happening.
    • Not getting content from session leaders/speakers: Leaking tidbits of what your main speakers will talk about helps create a buzz around your event, and keep people curious and excited. If you don’t ask them for content, you will lose the chance to build the anticipation.
    • Waiting too long to promote your event – you need to think long term; you don’t just want attendees for this particular event, you want to build a community. Keeping your guests excited and on edge before, during and after the event will definitely help you increase attendance. Marketing efforts should have three steps: create a buzz before the event, highlight the excitement during the event, and create a referral culture and community that helps people stay in touch even outside the event.

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