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  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Attendee Comfort

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 26/03/2018

    There are varieties of things to take into consideration while planning an event. When it comes to the comfort of the event attendees, missing even a small detail can leave a negative impression. Even though people come in different shapes and sizes, seating at events is standardized. The setup of an event’s seating plays a key role in how comfortable your guests feel.

    Seating Styles
    Your attendee comfort starts with how you arrange the seating for the event.
    While there are a few key seating arrangements that you should avoid, there are also a few that you can keep.

    Consider Open Space Seating
    If you are searching for an effective way to boost attendee comfort and concentration, open seating concept would be appreciable. This will give guests the power to choose how they would like to sit. Give your guests the option to choose from easy chairs, couches, floor pillows, classroom style seats etc.

    Choose The Proper Furniture
    Selecting the proper array of furniture for your event is important. Consider multiple style and colour options as well as comfort, and functionality while selecting the seats.

    Avoid Chairs In Circles
    Try not to setup a circle of chairs. It can be uncomfortable to sit in this position for an extended period of time, especially for women in skirts.

    Avoid Backless Chairs
    Be sure to avoid stools or backless chairs as it may be an issue for some. Also, it is essential to have backed chairs because your event might extend far beyond the planned time and thus creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for attendees.

    Avoid Chairs That are Too High Or Too Low
    High chairs and stools may be uncomfortable for some people. Shorter guests may experience difficulty getting up on them and also while writing notes. Likewise, avoid low chairs as taller guests will struggle to get comfortable.

    Other Things To Consider For Better Attendee Comfort

    • Moderate room temperature
    • Less noise
    • Ensure safety
    • Leisure time
    • Comfortable spacing
    • Entertainment

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