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  • Create an Impact With Your Stage Design

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 10/07/2017

    Anyone who has conducted an event will agree that their primary aim is to leave a lasting impression of their brand on clients and other attendees. There are many elements in an event that decide the impact it has on the guests.

    Stage design, as any event management company in Bangalore will tell you, is a very important aspect of any event, and can contribute significantly to its success or failure. So if you thought that awesome stages were important only in festivals or concerts, think again. Creative staging can help you turn any corporate event into a spectacular one.

    The crux is keeping your audience engaged, and getting your brand message to them in an unforgettable way. Regardless of whether your event is huge or small, the trick to creating the biggest impact is understanding the potential and limitations of the venue and available space; once you have that, you can highlight the speakers, venue and performances, if you just put your mind to it.

    Let’s take a look how:

    Stage Lighting

    The first thing to do is ensure central control of the lights, from the main console. The lights in the audience should either be extremely low, or completely blacked out.

    The lighting should be arranged so that it can properly illuminate every person who will be present on the stage – whether they are going to sit or stand. Some people like to walk across the stage, so make sure you have at least one spotlight following the speaker.

    You can also choose the appropriate lighting to set the mood – serious, fun, excitement – various emotions can be conveyed and created with special lighting effects, layered lighting, projection lighting and so on.


    Corporate event planners in Bangalore are very particular about the sound effects and the audio equipment used at events – quality sound means you can effectively communicate your message to your audience.

    Acoustics of each venue is different and you have to test that before deciding on the number of speakers and other equipment you may need. You need to have effective distribution of sound and absence of feedback, and arrange the speakers accordingly; for a large audience, the speakers would need to be placed at regular intervals for effectiveness.

    Ensure that the mikes you use are chosen according to the speakers; make sure you have stationary mikes for those who prefer speaking from the lectern, and collar mikes or cordless ones for those who walk around.


    On stage branding is important, and needs to be done carefully. Conference organizers in Bangalore say that it has to be subtle, and not too in your face like it is in other areas. Here, the prime focus has to be the speaker and the sound. Brand the lectern – just the company logo and colors will do. It is subtle, but noticeable. Similarly the stage should be done up in the company colors – the curtains, backdrop, props, and so on; the logo can be displayed on the props and the background, so that it’s imprinted in the minds of the audience.

    Special Effects

    Who doesn’t like special effects? By incorporating a few exciting things like a little smoke to introduce a mystery/secret speaker, or electronic fireworks or party poppers to welcome celebrities or to celebrate exciting news and announcements – every little bit helps.

    Looking for stage design ideas to wow your clients? White Massif has been doing this for years, as one of the top corporate event management companies in Bangalore. For enquiries, please call us on +91-990-0141-177.