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  • Corporate event planning checklist; steps & tips you need to know
  • Corporate Event Planning Checklist; Steps & Tips You Need To Know

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 05/02/2018

    Breaking the key tasks of an event into achievable tasks is one of the main steps of a corporate event planning. It helps you stay focused and to organise an awesome party one task at a time. Of course, it is not a small task and you’ll have to think a lot about it. But with proper planning and a manageable checklist, organising a corporate party can be fun.

    Confirm the Purpose of the Event

    When it comes to deciding what kind of event you are hosting, here are the main things to consider…

    • The Audience
    • Speakers and Performers
    • Branding
    • Event’s agenda
    • Communications and Registration
    • Shared or exclusive?
    • Ticketed or free?

    Review the Event Specification

    Keep track of the details for planning events by reviewing the event specifications. This includes:

    • Event profile such as venue, date, time etc
    • Event organiser/host contact information
    • Supplier contact information
    • Space needed
    • Food and beverage
    • Event Technology, AV and Production requirements

    Create Event Communications and Materials

    If you want to organise your invitations without any flaw, follow these tips:

    • Pick an arrival time that will give your guests enough time to get ready for the party
    • The invites designed should fit your theme
    • Decide whether you need a printed or emailed invitation
    • Ask your committee to help deliver invitations
    • Secure the attendee gifts or raffles

    Seating Plans
    Make sure the seating arrangement is easy to find at the venue and help your guests by keeping place cards for the tables.

    Event Setup
    On the day don’t forget to…

    • Reach early
    • Check and confirm every detail with your event planner
    • Double check the venue
    • Ensure all event materials, registration tables, displays, handouts, gifts, name badges etc are ready for the event.

    On the event date, keep the checklist with you and make sure everything is going well. And never forget to enjoy the event yourself too!

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