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  • Creative Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas That Steal The Show

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 17/12/2018

    There are a lot of factors that make your corporate event a memorable one. Everything from the entrance to the exit and everything in between have to be pristine. One such element that can make your event an extraordinary one and have your guests talking about it for years to come are the entertainment segments of your event.

    To help you get inspired, the best corporate event organisers in Bangalore have divulged their top 5 creative corporate event entertainment ideas that steal the show!

      Everybody loves a good caricature of themselves. Hire the best caricaturists in town and techy one is an added bonus. Get them to draw your guests on their tablets and send the image over by email or hand your guests a printout in real-time. This sure does act like a little souvenir and you could use company brands on the printing sheets so your guests remember you, each time they look at their caricature. WIN-WIN!
      Stand-up comedy is the new high in the entertainment scene, so why not bring someone who can make your guests laugh for a while. Get a corporate comedian who specialises in corporate gigs and is well aware of the business know-how. Moreover, it is important that the comedian uses clean language, showcases the funnier side of work and also stays within the non-offensive zone.
      Interactive food stations are growing increasingly popular and the attendees sure like to dig in! There are so many ways in which you could create a customizable food station. For instance, switch out desserts for a donut wall or a cupcake counter or a flavored popcorn wagon could act as a mid-session snack counter. You could even have pizza bar if you like. The options are infinite, find what suits you best!
      If you are hosting a decade party, this one’s for you. Get a cover band to play classic numbers of that particular decade and take your guests back in time.  Since it is a live act, people will surely stay entertained while keeping your event ambience alive and happening.
      Flash mobs are thoroughly entertaining. A creatively choreographed dance act could liven up the show, help you communicate your message and keep your guests entertained. A few feet tapping numbers would charge up the atmosphere and maybe a few guests would like to join in- Who knows!