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  • Corporate event categories: which suits your purpose?
  • Corporate Event Categories: Which suits your Purpose?

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    Many kinds of corporate events are organized by companies, as you may have seen. But all types of events may not be suitable for everyone, because each one achieves a different purpose. According to corporate event planners in Bangalore, these are the different corporate events conducted, and their purposes:

    • Conferences: The most commonly conducted events, which can spread over a couple of days too. The target audience is also quite varied. Conferences are usually held for networking, exchange of knowledge, staying on top of latest industry trends and developments, enabling employees to meet influencers directly, learning in a novel space and so on.
    • Seminars – these focus on very specific topics, and there are fewer participants usually. They are also more formal than conferences, though learning is the main goal here too. Seminars include lectures and interactive stimuli.
    • Workshops – these are basically training programs, and are held for a specific group of people; that is, for a set of new employees, or middle management, and so on. Training is provided on customer service along with product/service training.
    • Business Dinners – usually these are annual affairs, held at the end of the year to celebrate achievements and reflect on the misses. Often, the most valued clients are invited, and this also turns into a networking opportunity.
    • Product Launches – whenever a company comes up with a new product or service, they usually hire the best event management companies in Bangalore to conduct an event to announce it with a bang; a couple of celebrities are invited, there is entertainment, and guests often consist of the members of the press, important clients and potential clients, who are all wooed with a grand dinner.
    • Trade Shows – these are very popular among B to B companies, and help them showcase their products, and sell their products and services to prospective client companies.
    • Client Appreciation Parties – more commonly known as ‘family meets’, these events are hosted to show a company’s appreciation for its clients; entertainment is arranged, along with dinner. Often, lucky draws are held, and gifts are given away.
    • CSR/Charity Events – Companies organize events like marathons, blood donation camps, health checkup camps, cleanliness drives, competitions for underprivileged children and so on to highlight specific causes. This helps them show their humane side to the general public, and to create confidence in their brands.
    • Retreats – these gala events are held over two to three days, and include games, lectures, dinners and entertainment, and are primarily aimed at team bonding.
    • Employee Award Functions –appreciating and rewarding efforts of employees is very important to ensure retention. Most companies conduct such events, with a lot of entertainment and dinner thrown in.
    • Festival Celebrations – Celebrating big festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Christmas and so on with your employees serves to break the monotony of work.

    So what are you looking to achieve? Just talk to event management experts like White Massif, and they will help you plan and pull off a spectacular event.

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