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  • The most common av fails and how to handle them like a pro
  • The Most Common AV Fails and How to Handle Them Like a Pro

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 18/06/2018

    We all love technology and we use technology so much in our everyday lives so we really like to think it can do no wrong but sooner or later technology disappoints. Here are the top most common audiovisual fails and how to solve them like a true professional.

    1). Wireless microphones

    Wireless microphones are really the peak of AV technology but sadly sometimes they are very prone to a lot of noise, interference and other intense problems. These problems can be very disturbing for the people listening and also for the person using it. A really easy way to prevent and stop that is to make sure you have a backup microphone and an AV team to help you out with any difficulties.

    2). Projectors

    Projectors really come in handy when putting out visuals for your audience members and some issues you can have with this are:

    Projector lights are burned out- Wait till the next break then swap and replace the bulb.

    Poor image quality- Adjust the computer’s resolution until the image quality improves.

    3). Video from the computer isn’t displaying on the projector screen

    To prevent this you can make sure to test the video on the computer and try connecting it to the projector. If the video isn’t displaying still you can try another computer running software and make sure to avoid running the video directly on the internet you should have the video saved on the computer.

    4). Power failure

    The worst thing that could happen in the middle of a very important presentation is that the power fails and everything goes completely blank. You can fix this issue by having a backup generator that helps you get things back running and you could also prevent this problem by figuring out everything that might cause a power failure before it actually happens so you can know how to take care of it.

    5). Remote controls

    Just like everything else hand-held remote controls also fail. It the remote control is failing at turning on the projector make sure the remote is pointing directly towards the projector and hold it down for at least 3-5 seconds. Check the instructions on the remote control beforehand to make sure you know how to operate and work the remote.

    That is how to fix any AV problems and difficulties you might have.