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  • Choosing a hotel for your event in 2019 ? here’s what you should know
  • Choosing A Hotel For Your Event in 2019 ? Here’s What You Should Know

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    Today, meeting and conferences are no longer confined to the office boardroom. Attendees want more of a refreshing experience. They are into travel, wellness and are keen on exploring new locations. To provide your guests with a more personalized experience and go beyond their expectations, it would be wise to book a hotel. But, here comes the tricky part, choosing the right hotel–One that meets your expected standards and fits into your budget as well. Also, it is important that you stay clear of substandard ones that try to cash in on your need.

    To help go about choosing a hotel for your event, the leading corporate event planners in Bangalore have curated insightful points on what you should look for in one before you make the booking.

    • Recommendations and reviews. Recommendations and reviews can really help you shortlist a hotel at your desired destination.. Take a look at what people have to say. Most reviews are legit and can be taken into consideration. Besides relying on the internet reviews you could even talk to your colleagues!  Questions such as “Have you been to this place? Where did you stay? How was the experience? Would you go back?” etc will definitely help you identify potential locations and positive answers to questions like these help make your shortlisting process a lot easier.
    • Are they experienced? Does the hotel you are planning to book for your event have previous experience on how to deal with one? Are their staff co-operative and cordial? How did the previous conference go? What other events have they catered to in their hotel? If it’s their first time, how do they plan to take on the challenge? These are some of the questions that can help you. Furthermore, you could even contact the previous event organizer to clear your doubts and help you make your decisions.
    • The pricing one of the most important factors that help you pipe down to your hotel is the cost. What packages are offered? Will they fit into your budget? Are there discounts offered while booking for a group? How about the food options? Are they open to healthy meals that the clients might need and so on…These are some of the questions that can help you narrow down your choices.
    • Connectivity Don’t forget to ask whether they provide Wi-fi and do they charge a price for it or is it free. Internet access is one of the most basic requisites for any event venue and hotels that provide fast and reliable internet access free of charge gets a brownie point.

    Hope this help. Happy hotel hunting!