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  • Business Etiquette For Corporate Events

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 11/09/2017

    Etiquette is important in cultured society anywhere in the world in most formal situations. Corporate event management firms in Bangalore opine that it is extremely important in business situations, especially at events.

    What does etiquette mean?

    It is simply conforming to an accepted set of manners and behavior in a particular setting. It involves being polite, gracious and mindful of the comfort and ease of others present at the time.

    Here are a few pointers on etiquette to be followed with regard to conducting corporate events:

    • Provide detailed information about the event in your invite: Make sure you provide all details like venue, timings, sessions, agenda, speaker, purpose and so on. This will help the invitee make a decision on whether to attend or not.
    • Include an RSVP in your invitation: Provide multiple means of contact – phone, email, post, SMS, and so on, and mention a date by which they need to confirm their presence. This makes it easy for the invitee to respond, and for you to estimate how many attendees will be present.
    • Dress Code: Mention a dress code in your invitation so that your guests are not stumped about what to wear. According to a white-collar corporate event management company in Bangalore, it is best to keep your guests informed with suggestions like Western formals or Traditional formals, or business casuals (you can mention with or without tie – up to you) – so that you can ensure more or less uniform dressing, without being over specific.
    • Greeting: Make sure there are people to greet guests as they come in and direct them to the relevant area – registrations, for example. The top conference organizers in Bangalore suggest that you or your representatives should be present at the venue at least one hour in advance to take care of attendees who may arrive early. Staff should be on hand to assist guests to where they want to go during the course of an event, like the computer or media room, food counter, and so on.
    • Introductions: Introduce less prominent people to the more prominent ones. For example, introduce a locally reputed speaker to one known nationally, and so on; make sure to use the right titles, like Mr., Dr., Ms., Captain, and so on.
    • Conversation: It’s only natural that you would like to make small talk or talk shop with your attendees. However, etiquette dictates that you avoid topics like personal, health or financial problems, gossip, and topics that may be uncomfortable to one or more people in the group. Avoid the use of slang and foul language; listen when others are talking and don’t interrupt; pay attention – your body language needs to convey your interest: smile, don’t cross your arms, don’t slouch; make eye contact.

    Of course, event attendees also need to follow certain etiquette like responding within the time specified, dressing appropriately, arriving in time, and informing the organizer of any specific dietary requirement. The rules of conversation apply to everyone.

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