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  • Bring Some Fun Into Serious Events

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 05/06/2017

    Everyone likes to have fun – even serious corporate executives! Many people believe that if there are fun things to do at an event, it will not appeal to the attendees, or that it will distract them or take away their focus, but this is not true. A little relaxation in the midst of heavy-duty sessions will be welcomed. So the next time you’re planning a conference or any other corporate event, try to incorporate some fun elements to lighten the mood. If you’re wondering how you will do it, follow these tips from corporate event organizers in Bangalore:

    • Create a theme: think beyond décor and styling suggest popular corporate event management companies; you can use the theme to create a vibrant atmosphere,* and get attendees to mingle and interact. Some examples could be. dressing up in the same color, dressing according to an era – say the 70’s, or group people according to their favorite sport, hobby or movie genre – whatever you can come up with. This could be done at the end of the day, or during the lunch break.
    • Entertainers who mingle: Event management companies in Bangalore opine that rather than having only stage entertainment, engage tattoo artists, stilt walkers, caricature artists, walking jugglers, or palm readers who can walk among your attendees and entertain them up close, creating more opportunities for interaction. You can even have catering staff that do a jig or hum a few lines as they serve food and drinks – that would be something unique!
    • Contests on social media: Get your attendees involved before, during and after the event by conducting contests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social platforms. Create an event specific hashtag, and ask attendees to post pictures related to the event, or one-liners, slogans and so on; ask funny questions, riddles and more. There are hundreds of things you can come up with – and it’s also the cheapest way to gain publicity AND make your event more fun.
    • Add a wellness element: A yoga, meditation, aerobics or Zumba session during breaks, product demos (if you have sponsors) where you give them an opportunity to check out and even test the products – especially if there is any fitness equipment like treadmills, for example. You could even have one meal that has organic or health food only; talk to your corporate event management team or caterers in this regard.
    • Games and tournaments: Corporate executives are bound to be competitive, and they will love the idea of tournaments. It could be anything from retro computer games to virtual golf, driving simulations and so on. Display the standings prominently on a board. You can be certain that most guests will keep coming back to check their positions, and try to regain the top spot. Who doesn’t love fun and games?

    The sky is the limit when it comes to coming up with ideas to make even the most serious events a bit more relaxed and fun. Do you need help to jazz up your upcoming event? Call the experts! At WhiteMassif we have years of experience in adding pizzazz to corporate events. Call us now on  +91-990-0141-177 and we’ll handle everything.