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  • A brief guide to promoting your event on linkedin
  • A Brief Guide To Promoting Your Event On LinkedIn

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 20/03/2017

    Often, those planning events tend to overlook LinkedIn as a platform for promoting events. But event management firms in Bangalore opine that if you do it right, this is one of the most powerful and effective platforms you could employ for event promotion.

    LinkedIn is essentially a platform for working professionals and can be a little intimidating for event organizers. However, there are over a 100 million active LinkedIn users – all of them looking to advance their careers, the network for professional growth or expand the business. So if your event is related in any way to education, business, corporate functioning or networking, you have a huge, eager audience waiting to hear what you have to say.

    Why Promote Events on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn caters to a specific audience: educated, mature (and mostly) higher income professionals from urban areas make up the majority of users. If these are the demographics you’re targeting with your upcoming event – you have a target rich environment!

    What to Post

    If you ask corporate event organizers in Bangalore, they will tell you that a typical LinkedIn user wants better jobs, professional advice, tips, and resources. Whatever the type of event you’re promoting, highlighting the professional aspects of the event on LinkedIn is always a good idea. Here’s what you can do:

    • Stress on the opportunities for networking at your event
    • Reveal that you want volunteers
    • Tom-tom your sponsors, guest speakers and partners – who, most likely are on LinkedIn too
    • Through pictures, audio bytes and videos, give sneak peeks of your production process
    • Explain what makes the venue special

    Conference organizers in Bangalore stress that all this needs to be done using headlines and bold visuals that catch the eye. Another thing you need to do is make it super easy to register for your event.

    Optimizing your post on LinkedIn

    You have two options to post on LinkedIn:

    • Status updates: Just like you do on other social networks, you can post a simple status update. This will appear in the newsfeed of anyone who follows you AND your profile page if you post from a branded/corporate page. You can also create an event-specific page which will help you reach your message to your target audience.
    • Published posts: On LinkedIn Pulse, you can publish long articles – this means you can add several photos, many event-related details, links to previous events, info regarding the venue, and more. If your post is well crafted, LinkedIn Channels may promote it, and it’s like getting a free boost!

    You can also ask partners, speakers and sponsors to share your post or post original content to support you. If you can get an official LinkedIn Influencer to help you, your reach will be HUGE. You can find them on the Discover Page.

    Share with Groups: Corporate event planners will tell you that sharing your post with LinkedIn groups is very effective for targeting people in specific niches. The trick is to remain involved and respond to queries and comments.

    Direct messaging: If you want to directly contact industry leaders, experts, speakers and influencers, LinkedIn is the best place to look. With a Premium account, you can send paid InMail even to people you’re not connected to.

    Advertising: There’s always this option, as in other social networks. You have the option to target -your posts to specific types of people.

    When to Post

    Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn traffic and activity is heaviest during working hours on weekdays – barring Mondays of course. While this is a generic rule, you also need to consider your target audience. Entertainment and hospitality industry professionals may be more active later than others.

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