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  • Boost event engagement with these tricks
  • Boost Event Engagement with These Tricks

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 27/11/2017

    There are events, and then there are Events. You want people who attend your events to remember the event and your brand for ages. The biggest secret to achieving this? Corporate event management firms in Bangalore advice: Make your guests feel special; make them feel important, and the best way to do that is by engaging with them. This engagement needs to begin before the event, and continue through it, till even after the event is over.

    Feeling overwhelmed? We will make it easier for you:

    • Know your audience: Every event targets a certain type of people. Research your audience before the event so that you know the type of people you want, and will be coming –this will help you make it memorable for them. Use social media for this; it’s very easy. You can also connect with influencers like industry professionals, Instagram celebs, and more. Since these people have a large following, a single conversation you have with them can have a ripple effect and spark hundreds of interactions.
    • Blog about it: This method is easy, affordable and effective. Corporate event organizers in Bangalore suggest that you write about your event – mention venues, speakers, entertainers, hint at the menu, release sneak previews – everything to get potential participants involved and excited.
    • Use every avenue for exposure: Wherever you can publicize your event, do it; provided you don’t have to spend a whole lot. For example, you can update all the social media profiles of your company mentioning the event, have a banner on your homepage that links to the registration page, and add the event URL to your company bio, and so on.
    • Run contests: People love to compete and win. Run simple contests on social media, and you can give away sample products or a ticket, or something not very expensive, as prizes. Contests always create excitement, and you can get more publicity for your event as well.
    • Create a relevant #hashtag: Create a hashtag for your event and use it whenever you post event-related updates on social media. Your followers will keep a watch on it, and if your posts are clever, they will get shared, liked, retweeted and more.
    • Icebreakers: On the day of the event, make sure you have a competent MC who can put the audience at ease and speak to them like they are old friends. Have a few icebreaker activities and ensure that the group mixes up and they all get to know one another.
    • Q and A sessions: After each speaker has finished, throw the floor open for question-answer sessions so that queries can be cleared; most people will be very happy to be able to ask a question to the speaker directly.
    • Activity breaks: Have breaks between sessions and engage them in activities like aerobics, karaoke, meditation, yoga, Zumba or something similar. Even the most stiff upper lip execs will enjoy it.
    • Feedback: Ask them for their feedback regarding the event. There are several ways of collecting feedback. Use methods that are easy for your attendees, but effective. Don’t forget to thank them for attending your event.

    Making sure you engage with your audience takes time and effort, and take you away from your core business. Call in the expert event management companies in Bangalore like White Massif who will take all the work and the worrying off your hands, and ensure you pull off a truly epic event.