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  • Best Offsite Venues for your Team

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 12/06/2017

    When you meet every day in the same place, a conference, seminar, or retreat in a different location sounds like a great idea. Based on your budget, good conference organizers in Bangalore will help you to choosing from a variety of indoor and outdoor locations where you can do an offsite meeting or event. Let’s have a look at some ideas:

    • Hotels: The first option that comes to mind. Most hotels have good facilities for conducting corporate events: boardrooms or conference halls, auditoriums, audio-visual equipment like speakers, mixers, mikes and projectors – and of course, food! You can choose the hotel according to your budget. If it’s an annual event, you can even book a resort at a beautiful location like a hill station or beach destination.
    • Convention Centers: Unlike hotels, convention centers are merely facilitators of events; they usually have anything between 2 to 5 or even more auditoriums with varying capacity. Such places usually also have better A/V equipment and acoustics than hotels. While they don’t come cheap, you can have a very satisfying and enjoyable experience.
    • Restaurants: Corporate event organizers in Bangalore will tell you that there are several restaurants that happen to have large rooms or banquet halls where you can conduct a small event like a retreat or seminar. Their facilities may not be as great as what a hotel can offer, but they are likely to be much cheaper.
      While restaurants have a focus on food, many restaurants happen to have large rooms or banquet halls where you can conduct a small event like a retreat or a seminar. Even if they are not packed with facilities like others above, they come way cheaper.
    • Coffee Shops: What better way to brainstorm than when you’re surrounded by the aroma of freshly brewed coffee? Coffee shops have a casual, often quirky atmosphere, which is perfect for informal brainstorming sessions, meetings to discuss progress and so on. You only pay for the coffee and cakes/sandwiches you have, so it’s easy on your pocket too.
    • Auditoriums of schools or colleges: There are many schools and colleges that have pretty big sized auditoriums. Most of them are willing to let it out to outsiders for events. If you’re organizing seminars or workshops, you could use these locations; being in a scholarly atmosphere will help egg on the grey cells!
    • Public Places: Event management companies in Bangalore opine that for retreats and similar events that need to be conducted on a shoestring budget, public places like parks – take our very own Lalbagh for instance – are ideal. Most of them are free; some have minimal entry fees. Being surrounded by Nature will provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere, and set the tone for the day!. The beach is at once calming and exciting, and a great stage to hold such events.

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