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  • Event Management: Backup Plans To Deal With Event Problems

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 24/12/2018

    Organizing events successfully is no easy feat. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most organizations and businesses entrust top event management companies in Bangalore with their events, be it big or small.

    Any event is a BIG deal and with so many elements and vendors involved, things are bound to go wrong. Don’t worry, the event experts at White Massif are here to help. Here are their ideas of a backup plan to deal with contingencies at events-

      What could be worse than too few people at your event? Of course, too many people! How do you deal with too many people thronging your venue, when you and your team aren’t really prepared for it?
      The best way to deal with such a crisis is with anticipatory planning.
      Manage tickets sales efficiently, even if it is a free event. Set a limited number of tickets or seats available and also maintain a waiting list to accommodate new guests in place of dropouts. Ensure that your guests are aware of how many people can attend the event with each ticket. With ticket sales accounted for, you are fully aware of how many people are likely to attend your event. This can help you organize entry-level security and make ticket processing a lot easier.
      This is the worst nightmare, you can face as an event planner! Avenue cancellation! This is where you need a backup plan.
      Start with having a cancellation policy in writing. Get a minimum cancellation period for your venue, so you know well in advance about their cancellation.
      Sometimes, things may get out of hand out of nowhere. What if a fire breaks out at the venue a few days prior to your event? Or what if the plumbing at the place goes haywire and requires a major rehaul? In such cases, a reputable venue team will promptly provide you with a list of replacements or contacts from their industry and help transfer your event venue to a more suitable location.
      Lack of amenities at events are a complete put-off. Sometimes there’s a shortage of food and sometimes, restrooms. Whatever be the issue, it could leave your guests unhappy and tarnish your reputation. In order to overcome situations like these, you need to get your numbers right. Make sure you have the right number of guests who are going to attend your event. Once that is done, you could plan the rest around it. On the day of the event run a thorough check throughout the event venue and take note of where you could be running out of supplies and how to replenish them ASAP.