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  • Awesome marketing tactics to promote your event – guest post
  • Awesome Marketing Tactics To Promote Your Event – Guest Post

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on

    Marketing your event can be a big headache for any event organizer; especially so when there is a shortage of funds. Sure there is social media, blogging and so on. Boooring! Here you can read some never-before tips to garner publicity for your upcoming event from one of the leading event management firms in Bangalore, White Massif:

    • Flash mobs: Yes, you may have already seen a few such mobs, but how many were to publicize upcoming events? Either get your employees, or post a message on social media to have a large number of people break into a song and dance routine at a busy place, like a mall, Metro station and so on. Make it wacky and fun, and use a popular number, so that people will definitely remember it.
    • Street art/graffiti: Hire local artists to create murals on the footpaths or walls (take permission where necessary of course) using temporary ink or chalk. People are sure to stop and admire the colorful drawings – and know about your event in the process!
    • Henna Tattoos: Start by giving these out to your own staff; you can hire a henna artist to sit at a busy place – again, malls and stations are great places- or you can also try street corners in busy shopping areas – to give out free tattoos. Make sure there’s a banner over the artist’s head proclaiming the event, and let the tattoo also be related to it – your logo, or event logo and so on.
    • Loyalty programs – similar to your local department store loyalty programs; you can prepare a scheme rewarding those who do publicity work for you. The reward can be in the form of extra tickets, the chance to meet a celebrity, or whatever innovative idea you can come up with. Event management companies in Bangalore can help you design and execute such a program.
    • Being Kind to Strangers: Take your employees (make sure they’re wearing company shirts!) and go out on the streets and perform random acts of kindness – help old people, kids and disabled people to cross the roads, help them hail cabs, carry their bags, help them with directions – whatever they need; you will NOT go unnoticed. You will be able to build a lot of trust and goodwill towards your organization too.
    • Unique displays: Rent a shop window and arrange displays that creatively showcase your event; you can even use live displays – use real people who move like mannequins, if you can. It will definitely pique curiosity regarding your event.
    • Props in Public Places: This has a certain ‘shock value’ attached to it, and will definitely get noticed. For example, if your event is related to global warming or environmental consciousness, you can leave props in public places that remind people of the main subject: use Styrofoam to depict melting glaciers, pictures of a hot barren Earth, cutout of people fighting over water – you get the idea!

    You can use your creativity and come up with unconventional ways to market your event. Or you can call the experts, who will take the worry off your hands, and work hard to ensure success. White Massif has several years of experience in event management in Bangalore. Call  at 91-990-0141-155 to talk to their executive.