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  • Steal These AV Tricks for Your Next Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 04/06/2018

    Bangalore’s corporate and management world is at its prime and White Massif is the underlying secret power behind it. White Massif is among the top event management companies in Bangalore focusing on event corporate management service.

    AV delivery is a prerequisite of all events and White Massif not only understands this but also strives to do it right. All major corporate events in Bangalore revolve around delivery. The most innovative and the most engaging ways win the day.

    Here are some AV tricks divulged by White Massif. Go ahead, steal them for better results.

    • Putting up interesting custom backgrounds- Every event brings with it the sense of out-of-the-ordinary experience: put in simple terms; magic. In fact in almost every other event, the audience expects something extraordinary to go down. There is no better way than to capture the feel of the moment and bring the audience to an entirely new fantasy world with interesting backgrounds.
    • Interactive whiteboards for great engagement- This is a wonderful engagement tool in many corporate events that are education-oriented. To achieve the best, whiteboards need to be convenient both to the audience and the content deliverer. You do this by selecting the most strategic area keeping in mind to eliminate all visual obstacles.
    • Maximizing on audio clarity- By using wireless microphones with high-frequency transmissions and maximum voice projections, people will be able to hear you clearly. The content deliverer is also at peace and is free to move up and about without worry of loss of sound.
    • Avoiding audio feedback- More work is needed in choosing, sizing and setting up speakers. Big speakers placed haphazardly in front of the audience only mean more distractions and echoes. The same goes for those facing walls. Ideally smaller speakers can be placed up front while the larger ones are placed strategically at the back and in various parts of the hall to achieve a stereo effect. The arrangement really depends on the venue of the event.
    • Achieving the best in visual projection Instead of using the standard projectors like other event companies in Bangalore, White Massif dares to dream big. Audience engagement is at the core of every event be it a wedding, a simple conference, or even big corporate events with thousands of participants to be engaged. Touch screen video walls and large touch monitors are wonderful innovative ways to engage the audience. These can be used to zoom in and out of images, charts and graphs easily and move between slides in a very interesting way. It is the perfect relief from traditional projectors. Top event management companies in Bangalore are now only beginning to grasp the rewards of this approach.
    • Achieving the right mobile technology interaction with the audience The mobile app technology has swept almost all industries and AV is not left behind. There are various mobile apps that come in handy in almost all the events in terms of attracting guests, providing useful information and giving wonderful touch screen presentations. Perhaps the most engaging of them are those that apply gamification: a perfect way to engage the audience through games. Along with it is slide sharing and live 08A apps through which attendees are able to follow, take notes, respond to surveys and ask live questions.

    These amazing AV tricks are what is needed for your next big event.