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  • 5 simple steps to successful on-site event branding
  • 5 Simple Steps to Successful On-Site Event Branding

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 27/08/2018

    Organising a successful event is one thing and crafting it such that your brand leaves a lasting impression on your guests, is a whole new ball game. It is important that you seize every opportunity to promote your brand. Yes, you organized an event. Now what? Have you thought about on-site branding?

    Here are simple ways that top event management companies in Bangalore suggest for on-site event branding-

    1. Let the logo become part of the decor. Placing them strategically throughout your venue helps promote your brand in a subtle fashion and also drives home the message. This way you create visual magnets that your guests see and also remember. For example, an illuminated logo at the entrance, makes a big impression. Moreover, a fun way to use your logo is on a statement wall that creates a great backdrop for pictures!
    2. Brand ‘em badges. Your attendee badges do not have to be plain and boring. Make use of it to enforce your brand values. A badge with your brand colours work well but the latest trend in the industry is to have a caricature of the attendee on their badge stamped with brand values or logo. In this case, the attendee is required to submit their photo on the event website a week before the actual event takes place. Fun, isn’t it?
    3. Food branding is in! Yes, you read that right! Creating a food table with the cupcakes in the colours of your brand, logo sealed cookies and even customized beverage labels are doing their rounds in the on-site event branding section. Little tactics like these intrigue your guests and effectively drives your point home.
    4. Branding little things do wonders… Branding notepads and pens are a given, but what more can you do? Brand everything! Customized napkins and tablecloths, brand color enforced floral decorations and light setup etc. are popular on-site branding techniques. Feel free to think out of the box!
    5. Branding your giveaways. Using your company logo or the name of your organization in your giveaways does the job. Example: using the vision and of your organization on the packages lets your guests know that you are reliable and highly professional.

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