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  • 8 Simple Step to Name your Events Right

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 21/05/2018

    Naming an event right is crucial. It is like the title of an article – your audience makes the first impression of your event from the name of the event. Picking a remarkable name for your event can make people talk about it for months or even years to come.

    However, it is hard to come up with a remarkable name. And when considering the sheer amount of work in organizing an event, you’ll get frustrated by the thought of taking even more time to come up with a good name.

    Here are some steps top event management companies in Bangalore use to come up with a remarkable name. You can apply these to your events too.

    Do your homework

    Before you even start thinking about names for your event, do some homework on your event, your audience, and your competition.

    What is your event about? What do you want to emphasize the event? Who are you targeting with the event? What are your competitor events and how are you distinguished from them? Answer these questions before you ideate names.

    Be straightforward

    Most often just telling what your event is all about in two or three words will make it a good name. Events like ‘Haikufest’ are straight-forward in their name about what the event is about. It is an event of making Haikus(a poem in three lines and seven syllables.)

    Being straightforward can help to come up with a simple and good name.

    Use a pun or metaphor

    This is not as easy as it may sound. Because even if puns may sound cool, it can also hit in the wrong chord if not careful. But if you can pull it off well, it will help to give the event some extra boost.

    A successful use of the pun in the name of an event is “Holy Smokes”. It is a Church-sponsored BBQ night. The name will appeal to some people who wouldn’t otherwise be interested in the Church event if the event was named BBQ night at Church.

    Metaphor can also be a good choice. NPR’s Fresh Air which is a radio talking show is a good example of the use of puns and metaphor in the name. So try some puns and metaphor in the name.

     Take inspiration from everywhere

    “Creativity is just connecting things”, Steve Jobs.

    Always be open to ideas because you may get surprising ideas from totally unexpected places. Most creative ideas are born from connecting seemingly different ideas together.

    So, look everywhere for inspiration while choosing a name for your event. You’ll surely find some useful idea from somewhere. And don’t be ashamed of looking for inspiration.

    Make sure to check for abbreviated versions of the event name

    Some names can have unintentional abbreviations. This can be a cool way to address your event. But do make sure that long names don’t have a rude or inappropriate shorthand.

    Since many people use shorthand names to mention events on social media, this is an important factor to consider. Because one bad move and your event is ruined. It can even affect the event attendance.

    So make sure to check the abbreviation of the name on Google before confirming it.

    Short and sticky names

    Short names are easier to remember than long names. It can also help in making branding, and marketing easier to do as well. Shorter names pack a punch that long names usually doesn’t.

    The longer the name becomes, the more the name becomes diluted. Short names are also very easy to be spread on social media.

    Bonnaroo is the name of an Arts & Music Festival held every year in Manchester, Tennessee, USA.


    Don’t mess up the clarity for the sake of being short and sticky. Ultimately you need to let your audience to be able to connect with the name of your event and don’t make it confuse them.

    If you name that is not relatable to what you are organizing, that leaves people confused which is bad for the event reputation and attendance.

    Unless you want to intentionally use curiosity and make people get hooked on figuring out the meaning of the event name, be clear about the event purpose in the name. And even when you want to add some mystery to the name, don’t add things that are not relatable to the event.

    Avoid popular words

    If your event name is made of popular words, it will be a lot harder to rank in Search engines. If you would rather choose words that aren’t too popular or are more specific to some locations, you can get ranked well from the get-go.

    This is not a rule. Often, your event name must include popular words. Just use this as a way you can name events and rank fast in the search engines.

    Does this sound like way too much work? Hire White Massif, the top event management company in Bangalore to successfully come up with a remarkable name and plan, and organize an event that stands out from the rest.