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  • 5 Top Ideas To Collect Feedback For Your Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 09/10/2017

    You’ve probably planned and planned for months to pull off a spectacular event; but how will you know how well it was received by the attendees? Event management companies in Bangalore will tell you that getting feedback on an event is extremely important. Only when you have the feedback will you be able to rectify mistakes you made, and provide a better experience for your attendees.

    Here are 5 easy and efficient ways to gather attendee feedback:

    1. Social media updates: We have all become pretty tech savvy, and attendees are sure to post on social media about the event. The best thing would be to create a hashtag and popularize it in the run up to the event; in the course of the event or immediately after, attendees are sure to post. Look for updates with your hashtag and see what people are saying about your event, and you’ll get a fair idea.
    1. Comment cards: A traditional method but very effective. Hand out these cards to your attendees and leave a drop box near the exit, so that they can write down their feedback and put it in a box for you to read later; this way you can get detailed info on what aspect of the event went wrong for that attendee. You can even give them the option of anonymity.
    1. Feedback buttons: you can have feedback buttons placed near the exit: allow attendees to rate their experience from Dissatisfied to Very Happy; you could have emoticons to make it more interesting. It’s quick and easy, though you may not get details as to why an attendee was not happy with the event.
    1. If your event is a product launch or similar, you can provide free samples for users to test them; if it’s new software too, you can have them check it out and ask them to fill up a short questionnaire. According to conference event organizers in Bangalore, you can also have staff ask them questions and note the answers.
    1. Conduct live polls: These can be conducted in a number of ways: voting pads, show of hands, event app or social media. You can pose questions regarding different aspects – food, entertainment, venue facilities, accommodation, and if it’s a conference or seminar, how valuable each session was as well. It is quick, easy and effective, requires very little effort on the part of attendees, and is helpful in identifying what went well and what did not.

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