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  • 5 technological innovations that event management can’t do without
  • 5 Technological Innovations that Event Management Can’t Do Without

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 01/05/2017

    We live in the digital age where businesses are headed towards complete automation technology. With technological trends on the rise, event management industry to has seen a lot of transformations. Essential aspects of event management include registration, travel, the onsite event experience, meetings, event marketing, post-event surveys and so on. Gone are the days where all of this required manual labor. New age event management has now gone digital!

    So here in no particular order are 5 technological innovations that are taking the event management industry by storm:

    • Wearable technology- The possibilities of event management are endless with the use of wearable technology such as smartwatches from tech giants such as Apple and Samsung. With wearable technology, data becomes easily accessible. Food and beverages, site inspection, menu options, directions and what not, all of it available on your wearable tech. Sounds incredible?
    • RFID- Radio Frequency Identification is the new fad in the event management industry. It is a high-end technology that was successfully used at international events. It sure will be adopted by top event management companies in Bangalore and other parts of the country. What is all the hype behind RFID? Well, RFID implementation takes events to a whole new level. Registrations and check-ins can be done in a blink, increases audience engagement, helps foster repeat attendees, analyze data to find out what worked for your event and what didn’t. The benefits are endless.
    • Virtual Reality- It isn’t just part of sci-fi movies you saw a while back. It is real. Imagine having virtual information booths. Lately, an event held abroad had virtual assistants that helped attendees with any queries they had. Furthermore, industry experts say that wearable technology and virtual reality will become a powerful combination at future events.
    • Event apps- Some say it’s a marketing gimmick that will eventually fade away but event apps have definitely made a difference to events in the recent past. With event apps, you wouldn’t need to walk around with a pile of paper to make a presentation the attendees or give them notes etc. With an event app, the attendee can have all the information he/she needs during the event. The only drawback is, an event app is useful only during the start to the end date of the event. And then it’s kaput.
    • Social media- Social media is a new parallel universe that users live in now. Attendees now are highly influenced by what event their peers and social circles are attending, be it a rock concert in Mumbai or a corporate event in Bangalore. Therefore, the number of attendees or participants highly depend upon the event advertising and social shares on various social media platforms. So, if your event is being talked about, you sure know that your audience will definitely show up!

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