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  • Event planning 101: 5 big event planning errors and how to avoid them
  • Event Planning 101: 5 Big Event Planning Errors And How To Avoid Them

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 07/05/2018

    A big event comes with an even bigger responsibility. The responsibility to make the event a success. But with so much going on, things are bound to go wrong! Event errors have a domino effect, where one tiny error can become the cause of failure of your event. We don’t want that, do we?

    Straight from the files of the best event management companies in Bangalore, here are the top 5 big event planning errors and how you can avoid them.

    • Big events require careful planning and execution, for which you require time. You can’t leave tasks or event setup to the final countdown! As an event organizer, you have to be prepared beforehand. You wouldn’t want your first guests to arrive only to see that your volunteers and workers running around to get things done at the very last minute. Nothing screams unprofessional and tardy like a badly setup event! Set deadlines in your plan and work with them. This way you get enough time to setup the event.
    • You partner with so many different vendors while hosting your event. They in turn work with so many different people; they obviously have a lot to bear in mind. But what if you forget to confirm with them? Your vendor is a no show. And your event? Call and confirm with your vendors 48 hours before your event, an email confirmation is even better.
    • Trying to work within your budget by cutting down your labor costs? DON’T DO IT! Labor costs are always an issue at events but falling short of help can become a problem. It may lead to unnecessary delays and you may have to juggle with a lot of unwanted tasks that your laborers would have taken care of. Don’t try to save up on labor charges instead hire laborers to gear up and get things moving at your event.
    • It’s a big event. You are going to have checklists for everything! For packing too. You don’t want to leave important supplies behind just because you forgot. Imagine leaving behind your presentation or name tags? Create a packing list and check it twice before you head to your event.
    • Don’t have a backup plan? You can kiss your company reputation goodbye!
      What if on the day of your show, the weather goes bad, or a fire breaks out at your event? Create a contingency plan well in advance. Make sure you have the means to communicate to all your guests, in case you cancel.

    Does this sound like way too much work? Hire White Massif, the top event management company in Bangalore to successfully plan and organize buzzworthy events for you.