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  • 5 corporate event trends that are here to stay
  • 5 Corporate Event Trends that are here to Stay

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 08/05/2017

    What are your first thoughts when it comes to corporate events? Boardroom meetings, boring conference halls and hours of business talk on the AV. Long boring corporate events are a thing of the past.

    Here are 5 unconventional corporate event trends that are sure striking a chord with event organizers everywhere.

    1. Unexpected event themes- The corporate event industry today is no longer interested in conventional, old-school corporate events. Thinking event themes? think out of the box, is the newest mantra that the top event organizers in Bangalore Focus on adding a creative dimension to your theme and you’ll sure have your staff and guests hooked. Don’t forget to make your theme visually spectacular and truly unforgettable.
    1. Unconventional Venues- Your venue plays a very important role in setting the ambiance of your event. Many companies today are choosing unpredictable and offbeat locations for their events; the result, a fresh and exciting experience for your audience! International companies have taken the idea of unconventional venues to a whole new level. Some of the locations that made their way into this unique venue list are wineries, art studios, and lofts, houseboat. The benefit of unusual venues is that it becomes a playground for your creativity!
    1. Creative guest activities- Your guests are the life of your event and as the host, it is solely your responsibility to keep them entertained.  If your guests get bored at your event, you know your event failed to deliver. So, during your corporate event, make sure you add a fun element along with all that business talk. Companies abroad have been taking their fun element pretty seriously and their ideas are spectacular. Mixology tutorials as the creative element or meditation classes before the start of the main agenda to help soothe the stressed or graffiti sessions to loosen up the guests; go ahead and rack your brains for creative enlightenment such as these.
    1. Inventive food and catering- Food at an event is what people talk about for a long time. Put your thinking cap on and see how you can experiment with food. Food trucks, pure vegan cuisine buffet, organic only dishes made to order or mediterranean flavors that add a tangy flavor and the list goes on. So many ways of adding a little adventure to your food story! Ultimately, the essence is to keep the menu simple but unique and have it cater to all your guests taste.
    1. Use technology to its best- There was a time when smartphones were considered to be a distraction at events. You would find your audience often checking their phone for texts or news updates and what not. Pretty disheartening, right? So what do you do? Leverage smartphones to create a more pleasant guest experience. You could have an event app to have your guests check-in and register. Taking it a step further, you go live on the latest live streaming options on social media.

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