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  • 5 coolest tech you can rent for your event
  • 5 Coolest Tech You Can Rent for Your Event

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 11/06/2018

    Technology is moving at a very fast rate these days. What is new today, can very well be a scrap tomorrow. Bangalore is the top IT hub of the nation where companies flourish and provide the best tech career opportunities to youngsters through start-ups and established multinational companies. Corporate events are organized every now and then and top event management companies in Bangalore are hired to make an event interactive and innovative through the usage of coolest tech keeping in mind the audience and the limited budget.

    ‘Corporate events Bangalore’ is like a culture that every employee looks forward to, to learn something new, experience with latest gadgets and have the best time of their lives. The event organisers in Bangalore, make dead ends meet to plan the best tech event at a minimum expense by hiring some latest cool gadgets with all modern features and specifications without breaking down a bank.

    5 coolest tech you can rent for your event are as follows:

    Set up Interactive Kiosks: The event organisers in Bangalore Always encourages the companies to set up interactive kiosks with inventive ‘Pads at the event so that it saves the unnecessary expense of printing posters and sticking them around the venue by marking arrows to show ‘This Way’ which makes the ambiance look shabby. It’s better to set up kiosks in places for easy navigation of the attendees or for enjoying some fun moment by playing Trivia challenge, art contests using Apple pencils, answering the most pressing question or taking notes of the day’s presentations!

    Extravagant Fun with VR: Corporate events Bangalore Often rents the Virtual Reality (VR) gadgets because it is new and an eye-opening experience for all attendees. Be it for an individual or a group, from technical demonstrations to showing off of a new product, VR headsets give a larger than life experience.

    Charging Stations: Be it a standing Cocktail table or a flat buffet spread, top event management companies in Bangalore suggest to rent customized tables with charging points and a secured lockbox so that people never run out of phone batteries while being at the event. They can comfortably roam around the venue by putting on their laptop or mobile on the charge in their secured lockbox for a while and enjoy the event.

    Wireless Hotspots: Providing the staff with phones can be expensive, hence, event organisers in Bangalore Suggest to rent portable Wi-Fi hotspot devices which can be given to make sure all the staff are connected to each other irrespective of the location of the venue (some events are organized at underground venues which has no cellular network coverage). They can roam around the venue comfortably without a headache about cellular antennas and network coverage issues. This also helps in handling an emergency crisis effortlessly.

    Video Walls: Corporate events Bangalore doesn’t remain limited to kiosks. The touch-screen, interactive video walls can be easily rented for showing the history of the organization or for setting up fun games. The 15ft wide screen with multi-touch experience can demonstrate a product with maximum visibility and effect.