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  • 5 most common corporate event mistakes you should avoid
  • 5 Most Common Corporate Event Mistakes You Should Avoid

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 26/02/2018

    Planning and organising an event is way more difficult and complicated than it seems. But with proper care and attention to detail, it can be much easier. During an event, you need to pre-think what your possible guests, sponsors, and event owners may need, what they may want or ask and act on time. If you can’t follow the path and make the following mistakes, you are out of the business – for good.

    Not setting, or forgetting your goals
    For the success of any events, having a clear view of its goal and metrics that will be used to assess the degree of achievement is critical.
    The foremost step for any event should be setting up a goal and creating your own event planning manual from scratch. Establishing a working and backup solution for the venue, entertainment, promotion and volunteer management is another aspect which you should do without fail.

    No distribution of roles to organising committees
    Unity is the key to organise a successful event. Neglecting the organisation committee could turn out to be a bad, very bad thing. Because there are specific things each committee needs to do, it is really important to distribute and assign each role among your employees. That is as simple as 2×1=2.

    Choosing the wrong venue
    One of the most important choices you will make in the process of event planning is the venue. Large corporate events usually involve guests from far places. You should think about how your guests will get to that place while selecting the venue for your event. Choosing a wrong venue without considering the distance and transport links and other facilities can lead to dissatisfaction.

    Ignoring competitors
    Your competitors should not be the driving force behind your event choices but you should not fail to listen the voice of them. Seemingly, choices like food, technology, entertainment etc. might be informed by the activities of your competitors. The point is this: be aware what they are doing but don’t race to keep up just because.

    Failing to satisfy the expectations
    Always keep this in mind: DO NOT MAKE ANY PROMISES YOU CAN NOT KEEP. Set realistic expectations but also list down experimental aims and try to make it happen.
    Corporate events can be difficult to manage as it takes real time, effort and planning. It takes weeks and months of forethought that ensure your event is truly a manifestation of your brand and your goals.

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