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  • 21 affordable ideas to make your events ‘wow!’
  • 21 Affordable Ideas to Make your Events ‘Wow!’

    by WhiteMassif, Posted on 25/08/2016

    So you have to create an impact with your event but you’re on a limited budget. Relax. Money is not required to make an impression; creativity is what is required – the best event management companies in Bangalore will tell you so. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. When you know that you have limited money to spend, you’re bound to come up with ideas!

    The trick is to cut down expenses without your event looking like you cut down expenses! Here are a few ideas you can implement to provide a “wow!” experience for your guests without spending too much:

    1. Candle lights: They come cheap but look beautiful, and you can create an amazing ambience. They work especially great at weddings, Valentine’s Day dos, family reunions and so on, but you can also use them for after-conference entertainment eves. If the setting is outdoors, cover them with some sort of glass, or hang them from trees in bottles or glass jars for extra drama and romance.
    2. Scenery: Gardens, lawns, parks – use your imagination, and chose locations like these to provide wonderful backgrounds without you having to spend anything on it.
    3. Reuse and Recycle: Use decorations from a previous event but with a new twist. You can even ask clients if they have any from their past events or parties. Corporate event organizers in Bangalore often invest in reusable backdrops (which can be customized) and decorations to save money.
    4. Invitations: Leverage social media and email to send beautifully designed invitations, and you save thousands on printing and postage. The method will especially be a hit with the tech savvy. Providing an online RSVP will also help you collect info about attendees.
    5. Unexpected Surprise: Without mentioning beforehand, do something that will excite your guests: an unannounced entertainer (preferably an illusionist) or an ice-cream truck or a tattoo artist; the options are endless.
    6. If you want to impress guests with flowers, you don’t have to buy the expensive ones. Buy local, in-season flowers. If possible buy directly from the farmers – it will save you a packet.
    7. Food is one of the major expenses in any event. Rather than have lots of items of so-so quality, be innovative with the menu, offer smaller foods like finger snacks, and/or limit the number of dishes but ensure it is of top quality.
    8. Find sponsors: If you ask conference organizers in Bangalore and other metro cities, they will tell you that the best way to cut expenses is to find sponsors. It’s not an easy task for sure. Make it interesting for them; pitch that it will be a business opportunity for them. OF course, you will need to find a sponsor who is in a relevant industry. For example, if you’re hosting a doctors’ conference, approach pharmaceutical companies, and so on.
    9. Create your own photo booth: Get a little quirky. Use props from second-hand stores, hire someone with a digital camera, and you’re good to go!
    10. Grab Ideas from Pinterest: Loads of ideas are available here on how to do anything on a budget.
    11. Buntings: Buntings look attractive and festive, and you can make your own – one of the cheapest and brightest decorations you can have. Event companies in Bangalore often use them for effect.
    12. Crowdsource: Make a hashtag for your event, and encourage people to take pictures and upload them with this hashtag. At the event you can share these pics on a large screen – they are sure to be happy.
    13. Go monochromatic: Using this theme can create a unique and dramatic effect. For added fun, request guests to dress in the same colour as well.
    14. Repurpose: Use normal everyday items in innovative ways. Use bright tie-dye saris or dupattas pleated and spread either on the walls or the stage ceiling, for instance. Guests will definitely remember creative décor.
    15. Entrance fun: As guests make their entry, do something they will remember: give them a single rose, post a guest list at the entry and have them sign or put their fingerprint – anything similar you come up with, will add a dash of fun.
    16. Go Natural: use natural, inexpensive materials like jute, burlap etc to make interesting table décor. You can also use petals of roadside flowers, seashells and so on in interesting ways.
    17. Use Aroma: Fill bowls with water and add a few drops of aromatic oils or flower petals, place potpourri – people tend to remember smells for a long time. Make it memorable for your guests.
    18. Seating: Get creative with your seating – use different types of arrangement (of course, not for conferences perhaps) rather than theatre seating.
    19. Bundle up: make bow ties around your cutlery, or even dinner plates – it makes for an unusual and inventive presentation.

    A great event does not have to be expensive. As one of the top 10 event management companies in Bangalore, we at White Massif can help you host a memorable event for your guests even on a tight budget. Our years of serving corporate and private clients in Bangalore and around have helped us build a strong network of service providers. Our efficient team is experienced in handling events of all budgets and types. We make it a point to stay on top of the latest trends, whether it’s decorations, music or anything else. Check out what our clients have to say about our services.

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